Here all the details you might want to know regarding privacy by using our product.

Do Not Track

Yes, we do honor the Do Not Track (DNT) setting from browsers which support this.

Do not track is a setting from your browser which, after you enable it, it will tell the sites that you visit that you do not want to be tracked. Unfortunately, it is not very well supported by browsers as of yet but if we receive this header setting from your browser, we are honoring it!

What if you want to track everyone and skip the DNT setting? It is possible to do that as well if you are a website owner.

To ignore the DNT and to also track those visitors, simply add data-ignore-dnt="true" like in the following example:

<script async src="" data-ignore-dnt="true"></script>


We do take privacy and your privacy seriously and we provide you and your users the ability to opt-out of any website that uses our tracking system.

If you are a website owner that uses our tracking services then, we highly recommend you to provide the following option for your users to be able to opt-out of the tracking.

The opt-out process is straight forward and can be done by simply accessing any website that has our tracking code installed and adding the following query parameter in your browser: ?pixel_optout=true

So if your website is and you have our pixel tracking code installed, you and your users can opt-out of the tracking by accessing the following URL

By doing this, we set a local storage variable in your browser that tells our pixel tracking code to stop and do not further execute. Clearing your local storage, changing the browser or running the site in incognito will enable tracking again as the Opt-Out variable is not set anymore.

Session recording & replay

As you might know, we do provide session recordings and replays. This does not mean that we collect or store sensitive information.

We do not record any information from any input that is either one of the following types: password, email, tel

We do not record any information from any input that has either one of the following input names: username, name, firstname, surname, lastname, familyname, fullname, email, phone, , cell, cellphone, telephone, tel, postcode, postalcode, zip, zipcode, mobile, address, ssn, security, securitynum, socialsec, socialsecuritynumber, socsec, ppsn, nationalinsurancenumber, nin, dob, dateofbirth, password, pass, adgangskode, authpw, contrasena, contrasenya, contrasinal, cyfrinair, contraseña, fjalëkalim, focalfaire, creditcard, cc, ccnum, ccname, ccnumber, ccexpiry, ccexp, ccexpmonth, ccexpyear, cccvc, cccvv, cctype, cvc, cvv